The Perfect Summer Side Dish

I’m all for meals made within 30 minutes especially during the hot weather. Who wants to slave in the kitchen cooking away when it is so nice outside? This is a perfect example of a side dish using in season vegetables that can be made quickly and will be consumed in no time. Say Hello […]

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What Deodorant Do You Use?

As the warm weather is upon us, the dilemma of how to avoid getting too smelly is always present. How do we pick? As we become more concerned about ingredients being used in our cosmetic products, I have ventured to using more natural options for deodorant. Have you heard of the company called Consonant Skincare? […]

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Blenditarian burger

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. How many of you are planning to host a BBQ? Many individuals choose to buy pre made burgers just for convenience from supermarkets and/or butcher shops; however, I know just as many individuals who make their own burgers. Making your own burgers is so easy! Let me share with you […]

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Start with a Fresh Face

My mother has ingrained in my head to look your best, good skin is a must. This means always wash your face first thing in the morning and no matter how tired and/or late you get home, you must wash your face to rid yourself of the makeup. If you are not a person who […]

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