Calling All Banana Bread Lovers

Who else experienced one of the coldest weekends this past weekend? We’ve definitely been spoiled with a mild winter this year in Toronto but my oh my were the temperatures ever frigid. Who else also experienced a snow day on Monday? As beautiful as the winter wonderland scenery was, it definitely was a workout trying […]

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Have You Used Lactic Acid?

Would you like brighter and younger looking skin? Incorporate lactic acid into your once or twice in your weekly skincare routine. Lactic acid is an acid naturally found in foods. For our skin, it’s a very gentle acid where it can work to dissolve the structure of dead skin cells without causing irritation. As the […]

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It’s Citrus Season

We may all moan and groan about the winter months; however, now is the perfect time to enjoy citrus fruits. I really do think that fennel and orange go very well together. If you have not tried, here is your opportunity. If you’re willing to take the leap of faith, I have no doubt that […]

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Warm Up With a Nice Bowl of Soup

It’s January. It’s the New Year but sometimes, winter gets the best of us.  When it’s cold, all we want is something warm and comforting. Often times, individuals think of warm comfort foods as bad food choices but thank goodness, soup is one the “good” list. 🙂  Individuals will often groan at the thought of […]

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