Are You Resilient?

Eating well often entails taking the discussion beyond food. Our mood can definitely influence our food and/or drink choices. Whether we are in a good mood or a bad mood, an individual could use food as a coping mechanism. When life is going well, we often use food as rewards. Do you ever recall these […]

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We All Scream for Watermelon!!

Welcome Summer! 🙂 It’s only been two days since we officially welcomed summer but who has already had a good amount of watermelon so far? In one of my earliest post, I stressed the importance of staying hydrated for optimal skin health. Most individuals believe that as long as they obtain 8 cups of fluid […]

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Good To Go Keto Bar- My Thoughts

As a Registered Dietitian, I truly believe all foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle but I also recognize each individual is different. Some individuals truly believe being on a ketogenic diet will help them; therefore, from my perspective, I am there to help them do a ketogenic diet in the correct way. I don’t […]

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the father figures in your life. Let’s give these individuals some extra love today! The weatherman was calling for rain today; however, it has turned out to be a beautiful day! Whatever your plans were today, I hope it was filled with lots of love and laughter. Looking for a […]

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Strawberry Goodness

Who doesn’t LOVE strawberries? California Strawberries are one of my favourite snacks and berries of choice – all year ‘round! Did You Know? A serving of California strawberries (i.e. 8 strawberries at one time) contains more Vitamin C than an orange. Not only are strawberries a great source of Vitamin C but a serving of […]

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