Crave Rice? Have This Product Always Stocked in Your Freezer and You’ll be Safe :)

For me, it’s hard to go over 1 c cooked portion of rice at one time as I have grown up eating brown/red/black/multigrain rice. My mother would mix beans into the rice as well which adds more protein and fibre; therefore, I generally have 1 c cooked rice per time (at most).

When individuals choose to have curry night or a stew night, it’s not hard to overindulge on rice as you just want to get every last bit of the sauce. During these occasions, although your curry and/or stew may have vegetables, it’s not enough. I generally like to recommend the 3:1 one ratio. 3 parts veggies to 1 part carbohydrates. If an individual tells me that they’d like to have 1 c cooked rice @ one meal, I challenge them by saying that they have to have at least 3 c of cooked vegetables. I emphasize cooked vegetables as 3 c of raw veggies is not the same volume.

Say Hello to Green Giant’s Riced Veggies Series Cauliflower Medley.  It’s a game changer!

Pop it in the microwave for 5-6 minutes and voila- you have rice made out of vegetables. Not only can you get all the sauce with these rice bits but you’ve automatically increased your vegetable consumption.

I love this specific mix as you only get 3 g of net carbohydrate in every cup of cooked cauliflower rice even though it’s mixed with green peas, carrots and onions. It’s not too mushy and it’s filling. It’s tastes GREAT! Give it a Try, you won’t miss rice at all!

Price: $4.99 per 340 g bag

cauliflower rice

If you’d like to just buy organic cauliflower bits, I love buying a big bag from Whole Foods. I love their 365 line. When paired with chicken, a side dish like this with stirfried green beans and mushroom will make you certainly not miss rice. This is a dish that can be done in 30 minutes including have the chicken baked and ready to eat.

Have you tried cauliflower rice before? How else do you incorporate cauliflower into your diet?

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