Have You Heard of Allulose?

Today, we live in a society where sugar is demonized. Many individuals try to cut sugar out entirely out of their diet for a while but because of strong cravings, sugar comes back into their diet. We’re all looking for something to satisfy our sweet tooth but don’t want the detrimental side effects be it the sugar crash, weight gain and/or dull skin right?

A brilliant individual may have found the answer!

I recently went to an educational conference in Chicago and had the opportunity to try Allulite Rare. For a good sized piece of chocolate, not only did it taste good but for every serving, it contained 25 calories but it contains no carbohydrate and no sugar. Sounds too good to be true?

What is Allulose?

Allulose is a natural and rare, non-impact sugar that has minimal effect on calories, carbohydrates and blood sugar. Allulose (d-Psicose) is the primary ingredient in Rare Sugar particles.  You consume allulose in small quantities whenever you eat foods like raisins, figs, or maple syrup.  It is absorbed by the body but not metabolized.

Some individuals may say Allulose sounds alot like a sugar alcohol. Think of any words that have a “tol” at the end. The benefit of using allulose is that no matter the amount consumed, allulose will not cause gastrointestinal upset.

Currently, Allulite Rare is not available in Canada as Allulose is not yet approved for use in Canada. If you are interested in trying, you can purpose these chocolate squares online via http://www.tryrare.com.

The representative said Canada is very intereted in having this product approved in Canada; therefore, let’s hope we can see this product on our shelves soon. 🙂


Would you be willing to try Allulose?

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