This time of year is my favourite. This is a time of year where everyone gets together to celebrate good times. It truly is a time of celebration with family and friends. It is a continuation of being thankful for the circle of support you have and to continue to make wonderful memories together. Food is often central to social gatherings. As we all are busy penciling in the social gatherings in our calendar, let’s make sure that we are mindful of what we put in our mouths to avoid the 10 lb weight gain over the holidays.

What does the word “mindfulness” mean to you? As part of a healthy lifestyle, we need to be mindful and/or aware of what we are putting in our mouths. We need to become more aware of triggers for reasons why we put certain foods in our mouth.

We often think we eat out of hunger; however, did you know there are many different types of hunger?

Types of hunger include:

1, Eyes

How many of us have heard the saying of “Eat With Your Eyes”? When you see something that looks pretty and/or good, you naturally want to eat it.

2. Nose

Many of us have heard that we eat with our senses. This is definitely true as not only do we eat with our eyes but our nose is a very important in enhancing the joy of eating.

3. Mouth

How many of us often having cravings for a certain texture, flavour and/or temperature? It’s important to eat a variety of textures, flavours at various temperatures to keep the mouth hunger satisfied. Keep it interesting for our mouths. 🙂

4. Mind

Many of us fall victim to this type of hunger. Although we may have had breakfast 10 minutes ago, we feel the urge to have a small snack right now. Although we are in the midst of a really good meal, we’re already thinking of what we may have for snack and/or the next meal later on that day. There is no end to mind hunger because the mind is telling us that we need to eat even though we may not actually be hungry.

Social media may play a role in mind hunger as some individuals may have a list of places where they want to try in a day just because these eateries are located in the same area. Even if they may not be truly hungry, they are still going to go to all these places because they want to check these places out.

5. Emotion

Did you have a bad day OR did you receive a really good piece of news? Do you eat when you feel very stressed out? Do you often change eating habits when you are exhausted? On either spectrum of emotions, happy or sad/ tired or stressed out, you may eat more than you normally would. When you are sad, you are looking for a source that quickly makes you feel good in the moment. When you’re happy, you often celebrate with a treat which is okay but when it happens often, it may not be a good thing. When you realize you are eating to fill emotional needs, it may be time to find other ways to overcome certain emotions (e.g. sadness, loneliness, boredom, happiness, stress, etc.)

6. Cellular

Do you ever experience moments where you feel like your body is telling you that it needs a certain type of food? Sometimes this occurs when there is a change in season or when you are feeling sick. This type of feeling may also occur after you have denied yourself a certain something for a period of time.

7. Stomach

This is real hunger. This is the physical hunger. We should eat when we feel hungry but how many of us experience real hunger now?


Food For Thought: Write down what you eat in a full day (24 hours). Can you identify the types of hunger you experience?


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