Coffee- Your Lifeline in a Cup

There are days when I wake up and I don’t need any caffeine to get my day started; however, there are also days where I absolutely need a cup of coffee to get my day started.

During nutrition consultations, I find individuals are more willing to change any other aspect of their eating habits as long as they get their caffeine fix.

Coffee and/or tea can be a healthy part of your diet; if you don’t drink coffee or tea, don’t start because of health reasons. If you are a regular coffee or tea drinker, it’s a sigh of relief in which coffee is back on the “good food” list. Recently, a review of studies completed by BMJ indicates drinking 3-4 cups (250 mL) of coffee may have benefits including:

  • Individuals live longer
  • Coffee is no longer considered carcinogenic
  • Coffee intake may be of particular benefit to liver disease including cancer

The Key Take Home Message:

When drinking coffee, please consider the amount of fat (cream/milk) as well as the sugar you add.

Please try not to go over 200 mg – 400 mg of caffeine/day (2-4 cups of coffee/day). It would be ideal if one can stick to 300 mg of caffeine per day which is equivalent to drinking 2 x 8 oz. cups of coffee per day. Pregnant women should not go over 2 cups of coffee/day.

A lot of individuals say they drink coffee; however, when asked what the difference between all the different types of coffee drinks, they are stumped. Here’s a little chart where you can learn a little bit more about each coffee drink variation. 🙂

know your coffee

Rowena’s Go To Options:

  1. Chemex

My husband and I grind our own coffee beans at home. We’ll enjoy a cup every morning.

Rowena’s Favourite Coffee Beans

  1. Illy Dark Roast
  2. PC West Coast
  3. Pilot Heritage

At home, I drink coffee with a  teaspoon of cream.


2. Cafe Misto or Cafe Au Lait

I am such a fan of the growing coffee culture in Toronto. I try to support as many small businesses as I can.

If there are no small cafes to go to, my usual go to place is Starbucks. I find the coffee at Second Cup very acidic and I don’t find Tim Horton’s coffee all that flavourful. I know- it’s not very Canadian of me to not like Tim Horton’s.

At Starbucks, I will usually order a tall Cafe Misto. If you are a fan of Second Cup, you can order a Cafe Au Lait. They’re the same thing. This drink is half coffee half milk. I usually go for the skim milk. As a result, this drink gives you 60 kcals. I don’t add any sugar to this drink. I find it tasty as it is. On average, a tall cup of cafe misto will give you 115 mg of caffeine.

I also order a tall non-fat cappuccino or non-fat latte from time to time. What’s the difference?

A tall non-fat cappuccino from Starbucks will give you 60 kcals as well but gives you 75 mg of caffeine. On the other hand, a tall non-fat latte will give you 100 kcals and give you 75 mg of caffeine. Please refrain from adding sugar.

3. When short on time, I quite enjoy a cup of Nespresso. I use the Vertuoline at home and every cup comes out perfect each time. 🙂 My favourite flavour is hazelnut.


Did you know? I was not always a coffee fan. Growing up, tea or coffee wasn’t a huge part of my diet and/or lifestyle. It wasn’t until my husband came home with this Nespresso machine that I even got into coffee. Since that  day, my life has changed to include coffee

For a cute and cozy spot to grab a coffee for yourself and/or with a friend, you can always count on Boxcar Social.

Although from the outside, De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters may not look like anything special, many places around Toronto use their beans. You can always count on this place for a good cup of coffee.

Where can you find the cutest cup of coffee? Look no further. Go to Himalayan Java House. They do customized latte art. You can either tell them what you would like or you can have them surprise you. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out this cute customized art latte I got.

Have you tried coffee in a cone? I found this novelty at Balzac’s.

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Have You Had Your Cup of Coffee or Tea Yet Today?


cafe de paris

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