Are You Ready for The Holidays?

With less than one week to go, Christmas will officially be here. As a family, December is always a special time of year because my sister and I are both December babies. I may be biased but I really do enjoy the holidays and the time leading up to the holidays. Not only does the city light up with beautiful decorations but it’s truly a time of year where you get together with loved ones and spend much needed quality time. Toronto still has a

In the past, I’ve definitely enjoyed the process of drawing up a list of what gifts to buy for whom. There is a certain element of excitement and happiness when you know you’ve bought the perfect gift for someone; however, as the years go by, I realize it’s not the things you buy for someone but it’s the time you spend with someone that matters.

This time of year can be quite stressful for many individuals not only from the dilemma of not knowing what to buy for whom but also from a financial perspective and also from a time management perspective. There just never seems to be enough time to do everything on your “To Do List”.

To help improve and/or maintain your mental health status, here are some suggestions:

  1. If gift giving is causing you unneeded financial stress, would you be able to cut back?
  2. If you have received many holiday party invitations and are overwhelmed, who are the individuals with whom you’d like to spend time with the most? It’s okay to be “choosy”. Your time is precious too!
  3. In the spirit of giving, have you given back? Giving back does not always mean making a monetary donation to your favourite charity but it also could mean donating your time with an organization that is meaningful to you.


Food For Thought: In the midst of the hustle & bustle, have you spent enough quality time with loved ones over this period of time?


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