Are Your Hands Constantly Dry Throughout the Winter?

Do  you also suffer from constant dry chapped skin on your hands during the winter time? As a Registered Dietitian who is involved in food preparation often, I find I am constantly washing my hands. The winter air is already dry; the skin on my hands crack very easily as a result.

What Have I Found To Help? My friend who is a Registered Nurse gave this cream to me a couple years ago during the holidays. As a Registered Nurse who is involved with direct patient care, you are constantly washing your hands. She swears by this cream.  After trying this cream, I can understand why she is hooked.

Made up of chamomile, shea butter and cocoa butter, a little dollop of this cream goes a long way. I’m going to admit that I ‘m not a big fan of the scent; however, the results are worth to look past the scent. I would recommend using this cream at least 3 times per day.



Food For Thought: What is Your Go-To Cream If You Suffer For Chapped Skin During The Winter Time?

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