rowena 2018Rowena is a Toronto-based Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator who is passionate about sharing her nutrition knowledge to help individuals live life well. Rowena completed her studies at Western University and is currently working towards a Culinary Arts certificate from George Brown College.

Born in Toronto and raised in Thornhill by Chinese Canadian parents, Rowena recognizes her recommendations are a blend of cultures. Rowena is very open minded and loves to learn about food practices from other cultures as well. Rowena’s easy going nature has earned her the title of “world’s least picky eater” as she will eat anything you put in front of her (no lie!).

Rowena believes in providing practical recommendations for patients; to achieve this, Rowena has spent a lot of time in different grocery store chains and/or food boutiques trying different products. Rowena is very comfortable with product (both food and supplementation) recommendations fit for different lifestyles and preferences. As a Registered Dietitian, Rowena believes food should always be the first line of therapy but she also does recognize that sometimes, supplements are needed as part of a healthy lifestyle. Rowena is always all ears for new products and loves to learn “what’s new” in the market.

During nutrition consultations, Rowena is often asked for skincare recommendations and/or her own personal skincare routine. Aside from blessed with good genes (Thank you, mother!), Rowena truly believes good skin can be a reflection of a good diet as skin is a reflection of your inner body health. For as long as Rowena can remember, skincare has always been a point of discussion among family and friends. Now that Rowena has entered her 30s, skincare is even more of a priority as she wants to age gracefully.

During Rowena’s down time, you can find her trying out new restaurants all over the GTA with her friends. Brunch is her favourite meal! Rowena loves to run as she has completed the Sporting Life 10 K, Goodlife Half Marathon and 5K Yorkville Run. Rowena can also be found regularly at a Pilates studio. Travelling is very important to Rowena; together with her husband, Rowena is slowly making her way around the world.