My Secret To Great Skin

For those who know me well, it is a well known fact that I love to drink water. If I was to be stranded on an island, my husband is convinced I would die of thirst first. I think water naturally has a sweet flavour and I am addicted!

The human body, on average, is made up of 60% water. Newborns are comprised of a little bit more water (75%) and elderly individuals are roughly made up of 50% water.

The general recommendation for daily water intake is 2L (~8 cups); however, I truly believe water consumption amounts should be individualized. Some individuals may require up to 3 to 4 L/day of pure water.


Rowena’s Routine:

  1. Once I finish brushing my teeth and washing my face, I go downstairs and drink 3 cups of water on an empty stomach before I eat my breakfast.
  2. While I eat breakfast, I drink an 8 oz cup of coffee.
  3. Right before I leave for work, I replenish with another 12 oz. (1.5 c) of water.
  4. During my 8 hour work day, I bring my 750 mL Swell bottle. I drink, on average, anywhere between 1.25 L and 1.5 L at work.
  5. After I come home for work, I drink another 5-6 c of water throughout the evening. Factors contributing to water consumption:
    1.  Physical activity (Am I running on the treadmill? Am I running outside? Am I doing BBG?)
    2. Water is usually the drink of choice with dinner as I normally don’t have a lot of time to make soup. If I am feel like having something different, I will have sparkling water (250 mL Slim Can Perrier)
    3. My body naturally craves water. I look forward to drinking water any opportunity I get.


  1. Ever since I got married, I have consistently gone to my in-laws’ and my parents’ place for dinner once a week for dinner. Many individuals would ask why so frequent? What they do not know is I look forward to the big pot of homemade Chinese soup! 🙂
    1. I can easily drink 1-1.5 L of soup in one sitting in addition to the delicious homemade meal.
    2. I am truly a soup baby. I love all types of Chinese home-style soup; if someone was to ask my top 3 flavour combinations, they include: watercress soup, Chinese daikon and carrot soup and Wintermelon soup
    3. I am only able to drink this kind of quantity with Chinese home-style soups; however, if I drink Western styled soup, I am limited to 1 c (250 mL) at one time.


Confession: As a Registered Dietitian, bowel movements is a topic that comes up quite often during consultations with clients, family members and/or fellow Registered Dietitians.

Food For Thought: In general, individuals consider themselves to be healthy if he/she has one bowel movement per day. Think about how many meals you have throughout the day. Generally, individuals have 3 meals per day. Mother nature intended you to have a bowel movement after each meal you eat. Every time you have a bowel movement, it is waste removed from your body. By removing waste from your body, you can improve your skin health as skin is a reflection of your inner body workings.

Do you need to increase your water consumption?


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