Celebrate Mother’s Day with Some Delicious Sweets

As mentioned in my post on Wednesday, excess sugar intake can affect your collagen levels in your skin. It is a good idea to keep added sugar intake to a minimum but here’s the truth:


Those who know me know I do enjoy sweets. I do believe that sweets can have its place in a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The key is picking treats made from good quality and wholesome ingredients which you truly enjoy. Savour every bite. Sometimes some things are almost too pretty to eat. Notice how I used the word almost? 🙂

Here is a category where I feel it’s okay to pay a premium to limit the quantity you have at home because it may feel good to get a deal and bring a whole batch of freshly baked cookies home; however, if there’s just two of you at home, who do you think will eat all the calories?

Individuals are surprised as I make it a point to go down the cookie aisle during an educational grocery store tour. Healthier cookie options do exist.

Rowena’s Recommendations:

  1. Dare Simple Pleasure Spice Snaps
  2. Maria Cookies
  3. Arrowroot Cookies
  4. ShaSha Co Gingersnaps
  5. ThinAddictive Cranberry or Pistachio Thins

Why? Each cookie has ~2 grams of sugar/cookie. When you have your cup of tea or coffee, please enjoy 1 or 2. With regards to ShaSha Co. Ginger snaps, you could have 4 of these cute heart shaped cookies to get ~ 2 grams of sugar.

A common comment I hear from patients is: I can have chocolate as long as it’s dark chocolate. It’s good for me.

Research does show that eating dark chocolate can have a positive benefit on your heart; however, the amount required to gain the benefit would also cause you to gain weight.

What are My Recommendations for Satisfying Your Chocolate Cravings?

  1. Bark Thins
  2. Brookside Chocolate
  3. Ritter Sport Chocolate
  4. Teuscher Chocolate

If I have a craving for something sweet, you can be sure I’m walking out with a bag of Brookside Chocolate OR Bark Thins OR Ritter Sport chocolate from the grocery store.

Because I frequent Yorkville often, I love getting a treat from Teuscher. This tiny little chocolate shop is located within William Ashley. Everything is so pretty in that store. They package chocolate in the cutest little boxes and the boxes change according to the holidays throughout the year.

Social events always have cake to be served. Although we ask for a small piece to be cut for us, we are still being handed a very large piece of cake in which we feel bad because we can’t finish. Awareness needs to be driven around what the standard portion for a piece of cake is.

Answer: The Size of a Large Hard Boiled Egg

Where Have I Been Able to Find Bite Sized Desserts?

  1. Tempered Room (Queen West)
    1. The mini dessert selection is absolutely divine.

tempered room

  1. Fugo Desserts (Yonge/ Dundas)
    1. The mini donuts are made fresh in front of you. They are so delicious! Keep in mind, I’m not normally a donut person but I was won over by these little divine bites!


  1. Sud Forno (Queen West)
    1. Order the bite size bignes- they are so cute!babybignes
  2. Macarons– My favourite places to grab these little bites of heaven include:
    1. Nadege
    2. Bobette & Belle
    3. Laduree

Bite size options not satisfying enough?

Here are my top 5 dessert cafes in Toronto:

  1. Roselle (near Distillery District)
  2. Butter Ave (Queen West)
  3. Duo (Markham)
  4. Little Pebbles (Kensington Market)
  5. Delysees (King West)

Why Do I Prefer These Cafes? I find the desserts from the first 4 mentioned places are sweet but not too sweet. I just can’t get over how pretty the treats from Delysees are. You know what they say! You feast with your eyes. 🙂

Question: Where Is Your Favourite Place to Purchase Sweets? I’m always curious about everyone’s favourite go to spot.

Here’s a few reasons why I like to enjoy going out for my treats:

  1. There is only my husband and I at home. When we decide to expand our family, I may consider baking more as there’s more mouths to feed.  Because both my husband and I grew up in households where fresh foods is the way to go, we’re not used to freezing anything (dough or meals).
  2. I enjoy checking out new spots around town. I can’t be cooped up in the house for very long. When walking in to a bakery or cafe, it’s a feast for the eyes as the display counter is full of pretty creations. By picking one option, I am exercising portion control as I am satisfied and won’t be tempted to eat other sugary options when I get home.
  3. Many of these bakeries and/or cafes are small business owners. I like to have  the option to shop local and support the little guys. It’s nice to always have a different option other than the big box stores.


Food For Thought: Will You Remember that a standard slice of cake is only equal to a large boiled egg?





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