Holiday Shopping 2020

I’ve always been a huge supporter of little boutiques throughout the city. I often get overwhelmed by the choices available in big box stores and end up spending a lot of time browsing but making no purchases. In boutiques, having curated products allow me to save time and find unique things I may not find […]

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Beyond Meat Burger- Are You a Fan?

Now that Canada Day long weekend has wrapped up, we are gearing up for the 4th of July long weekend. Regardless if you are Canadian or American, summer often goes hand in hand with barbecues. As plant based eating is on the rise, let’s talk about the Beyond Meat Burger because grocery stores can’t keep […]

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Good To Go Keto Bar- My Thoughts

As a Registered Dietitian, I truly believe all foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle but I also recognize each individual is different. Some individuals truly believe being on a ketogenic diet will help them; therefore, from my perspective, I am there to help them do a ketogenic diet in the correct way. I don’t […]

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What’s On Your Reading List?

I know Sundays are usually for Skincare Sunday but like I’ve said before, skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside your body as much as what goes on outside your body. As much you have to nourish your body physically, you also have to make sure your mind is mentally stimulated. How do […]

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Many individuals do not get excited when told to increase vegetable consumption. When grocery shopping, most individuals do not get excited about picking up their greens as choices are often limited (in his/her mind) to spinach, broccoli and/or kale. Everyone knows they need to eat dark greens because they are good for you. Typically, many […]

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