Laneige Water Sleeping and Lip Masks To The Rescue

Who else is glad to get a little break from the extreme cold we’ve been having the past week in Toronto? I certainly am! Having said that, I did not realize my skin was beginning to flake despite using a daily heavier olive oil based moisturizer and priming my skin with serum first. No matter how much serum I put on my face and no matter how much moisturizer I put on, my skin continued to flake.

I tried my Darphin hydrating mask and it definitely did not do the trick as my skin continues to flake. Thankfully, there’s Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.

laneige water mask

After I prepped my skin with serum and my olive oil based moisturizer, I applied a thin layer of the Laneige water sleeping mask. I went to bed not feeling greasy but super moisturized. In the morning, my skin was instantly recharged with moisture. We’re back in business. 😉

On that note, I have also found that the Bite Agave Lip mask hasn’t been as effective for me this winter. My lips are constantly chapped. I feel embarrassed as my line of work constantly requires me to speak to individuals so I can only imagine what individuals are thinking (“euw, why does that person have dry flaked lips all the time?”). I decided to give the Laneige lip mask a try and within 3 days, my lips are back to normal. I would apply first thing in the morning and right before bed time.

Laneige lip mask

I love how Laneige includes a little lip brush for you to apply the lip mask. Don’t forget that this product does not just apply to females. It can apply to males as well. Does your significant other often complain about dry and chapped lips over the winter time? Have your significant other try the lip mask out. It’s a win win situation.

Food For Thought: It’s the holiday season. This is a great time to get value packs to try out products you normally would not try at amazing prices. Sephora has a Laneige gift set for $51 right now. Normally, if you buy the water mask alone, it’s $33 and if you buy the lip mask, it’s $26 alone. If you do the math, you’ve already saved money by buying the Laneige gift set as you get to try two other products. What are you waiting for? Make your dry face and lips happy again with lots and lots of moisture.

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