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How does dining out relate to wellness? Many individuals feel like dieting= no delicious food. Once again, I’d to emphasize that a healthy lifestyle and/or to achieve wellness, it’s not a short term commitment; it’s a lifelong commitment. You can definitely enjoy good food over a meal out with friends; it’s all about the choices you make during that meal and how often you are choosing to dine out. It’s easier said than done sometimes given especially this time of year.

Keeping in mind that it is the busy holiday season, here’s my top 5 tips of how to control caloric intake:

  1. It’s okay to not want to have a glass of wine or alcoholic beverage with your meal. Sparkling and/or still water is just as cool of a choice. 😉 Don’t feel like you are judged just because you say no to alcohol.
  2. Many restaurants already have started to hold the bread basket but if the restaurant you choose still offers the bread basket to start, feel free to say no.
  3. I always have room for dessert; however, if you are in a situation where you have multiple functions throughout the week, order a herbal tea to finish off your meal. I always love mint tea.
  4. If you happen to like the bread basket to start, opt to order a double side portion of vegetables for your main. If you have a salad as your appetizer, always ask for dressing on the side. NEVER go to a function hungry. Make sure that you have a vegetable and protein rich meal beforehand so that you lower your chances of overeating at the function.
  5. Weight gain may still happen even if you are conscious about your choices when dining out. It’s okay if this happens because know that these calories were ingested in good company. Having said that, make sure every bite is worth it. Be picky about your choices. Don’t just put anything in your mouth. Make sure it’s something you really really like. Holidays only come around once a year so it IS okay to indulge. Don’t feel guilty.

I know we are lucky to have so many delicious eats available in Toronto, Canada. Lately, I’ve been disappointed with a few of my dining out options but Giulietta certainly lived up to expectations.

I loved every aspect of this restaurant. The ambiance is nice and cozy. The service was excellent and the food is absolutely delicious! I went with my husband and I have to say, the portions were a decent size and between the 2 of us, 3 dishes plus dessert was very satisfying.

What did I try off the menu?

  1. Missicanza di Bietola

Be still my heart. I could never say no to a salad that has pomegranates, roasted cauliflower and pistachios. Absolutely a divine combination. 🙂

giulietta 1

2. Pappardelle al Ragu

This dish was definitely the star of the night. The pasta was cooked al dente (just the way I like it). Although the weather held up last night, the weather was still very “wintery” so the combination slow cooked ox tail and parmigianno is just perfect!! Comfort food at its best. 🙂

giulietta 2

3. La Campagnola

For those who know me know that I love pizza. How can I go to an Italian restaurant and not try a pizza? I decided to try something other than a tomato based pizza. For those who know me also know that I absolutely adore mushrooms. 🙂 I also happen to recommend ricotta cheese for a lot of cheese lovers as it is naturally lower in fat and lower in salt. 😉 This pizza sounded like it was made for me.

Giulietta 3

Food For Thought: At a very reasonable price point, I think Giulietta is definitely a “must go” in Toronto. I seriously cannot wait to be back. Who wants to go with me next? 🙂 There are so many other dishes I’d love to try off that menu (i.e. burrata, calamari, branzino..the endless possibilities!!!)


Have you been to Giulietta? If so, what are your thoughts of this cute little restaurant? Let me know!!!!

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