Flashfood- A New Way To Reduce Food Waste

Are you an individual who is very conscious of food waste but also likes to make small frequent trips to the grocery store throughout the week? Do you have a large family to feed where food disappears very quickly? Are you a budget savvy shopper? Do you love great deals?

The Flashfood app may be of interest to you. It recently launched in certain Loblaws throughout the Greater Toronto Area. The idea of this application is that the store will put soon to expire food items in the Flashfood fridge. The store may also put very ripe fruit and/or vegetables in the fridge as well. The produce items (e.g. fruits, vegetables and/or salads) are meant to be consumed very soon.

Here is what is available at my local Loblaw store:

What Are the Steps For You To Access Flashfood Inventory? You must download the Flashfood app to see what is available at the store. Once you have downloaded the app, sign in. You will pick the grocery store most convenient for you. You will then see what is available at that location. If you are interested in the item(s), you will click on the food item to put in the cart. You will find the items in the fridge upon arrival. You will then check out at customer service.


Food For Thought: Will this application allow you to do your full weekly grocery shop? No.  It is a great way to reduce food waste and become more budget savvy. We all work hard for our money so why don’t we let our dollar stretch even further? Will you give Flashfood a try? 🙂


Loblaw Flashfood4

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