How Would You Rate Your Relationship With Food?

Do you find yourself often telling yourself you can’t have this food or you feel extremely guilty after consuming a specific food? Do you have a running list of a “to avoid” or “bad” food list? For the last little while, I have many clients who have identified that they have had a bad relationship with food. These clients recognize they need to improve their relationship with food but at the same time, this journey to bettering his/her relationship with food is not an easy one.

brown fish fillet on white ceramic plate

With the society we live in today, we have become desensitized to media messages telling us that there are forbidden foods and there are good foods. Because of the way that media shapes our minds, most of us to end up having a love/hate relationship with food. Unless you have celiac disease, a food sensitivity/allergy, gastrointestinal issues (e.g. diverticulitis, IBS) and/or chronic diseases (e.g. kidney disease), all foods can be enjoyed. No food should ever be considered forbidden.

I  agree that one size does not fit all for all individuals in terms of nutrition needs. If you choose to follow a certain dietary lifestyle (i.e. vegan, lacto-ovo vegetarian, half vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian), you will need to make appropriate modifications to make sure all your dietary needs are met. If you need to tailor certain macronutrient levels (e.g. carbohydrate, protein and fat) to meet your individual needs, feel free to tweak; however, no food should ever be considered forbidden.

When the summer heat hit this year, it hit us. We’ve had quite a  few heat waves since summer has started. No complaints as summer time is so short in Canada! 😉 There is nothing quite like having ice cream, froyo or gelato when it is hot outside!! If your body is telling you that you would like some ice cream, enjoy and savour every bite. There is no need to feel guilty afterwards. Many companies have tried to come out with “healthier” dessert options but does it give you the same level of satisfaction? This is where mindfulness comes into play. Eat what you want but listen to your body and know when your body is satisfied (i.e. this will help you to control your portion).

assorted flavor ice creams

Many individuals consider burgers and/or hot dogs to be unhealthy but when individuals are at the cottage  and/or if he/she is at a gathering with friends, burgers and hot dogs may be what is offered. Individuals will consume these items but may end up going home to complain about what bad food choices they had and how they’ve fallen off the bandwagon for healthy eating. Having a burger and/or a hot dog when paired up with a nice full plate of salad comprised of  simple, fresh, local ingredients (e.g. cucumbers, tomato, spinach, etc.) is not the end of the world.

close up of served food on table

We demonize sugar but I know many individuals who believe in having something sweet after each meal. We have all heard that fruit is nature’s candy so there is nothing wrong with having a piece of fruit afterwards. When you really are craving a cookie, chocolate or a donut, listen to your body and go for it. Satisfy your body’s need.

three assorted donuts with milk

Often times, the reason why people become “addicted” to certain foods is because they put restrictions on what they can and cannot have. The more a food is considered forbidden, the more an individual will want it.

Do you agree with my view or do you believe that there should always be a list of foods one should never touch? Let me know!!!

Food For Thought: Let’s put food in a more positive light.  Let’s not feel guilty and/or bad after eating so called bad foods. Let’s aim to have a better relationship with food.


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