Have You Checked Out Impact Kitchen?

I still can’t get over how happy I am about the newest location of Impact Kitchen. The newish Yonge/Summerhill location is by far the most convenient location for me. I’ve been to the Adelaide St. W and King St. E location but both would be considered a meal option only if I was in the neighbourhood and/or running errands around the area.

I’m really glad to see that lighter option restaurants are popping up more and more throughout the city. It’s nice to go out to a restaurant with nice ambiance and eat delicious food but it’s also really nice to also go to hang out with friends and/or family in a more laid back environment where the focus is really to catch up with one another while nourishing your body. After a meal at Impact, you won’t feel overstuffed. You feel absolutely amazing!!

My usual go to option at Impact is Harvest Bowl with a piece of salmon. After more frequent get togethers with friends, I have also grown to be a big fan of the Zesty Mexican Bowl. From the brunch menu, I have stuck with the basic eggs plate but I have also tried their paleo waffles.

impact kitchen

Yes- as part of the Harvest bowl, bacon is included. 🙂 Of course, you can always omit this option if bacon is not something you like and/or cannot eat.

Food For Thought: What is your favourite item off the menu at Impact Kitchen?


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