Have You Heard of San Pellegrino Essenza?

Which brand are you a fan of? Perrier or San Pellegrino? If you are a fan of San Pellegrino, have you seen and/or tried the Essenza line? This is San Pellegrino’s answer to giving you a beverage with refreshing taste without the extra sugar.

While I was away in Washington DC, my friend bought this product. Boy was I happy she did because it’s absolutely delicious! I think adding lemon zest is a genius idea! πŸ™‚

san pellegrino

Apparently, this product is also readily available in Canada. Apparently, I haven’t been looking close enough! I will have to keep my eyes peeled for the San Pellegrino Essenza options now. I tried the lemon zest flavour but I can’t wait to try the tangerine & wild strawberry flavour as well as the dark morello cherry & pomegranate option!

Food For Thought: Are you a still or sparkling water fan? If you are a still water fan, the San Pellegrino Essenza option may not excite you as much. If you are a loyal Perrier fan, San Pellegrino products may not appeal to you as well; however, if you are very flexible with the brand of carbonated water, I believe San Pellegrino Essenza is worth trying given the interesting and delicious flavour combinations to help you stay hydrated during the hot and sticky summer months. Remember to stay hydrated!!!

One thought on “Have You Heard of San Pellegrino Essenza?

  1. I’m more for San Pellegrino, Perrier a little bit to sparkling for me 😊 I did not tried Essenza but I love all the flavorful waters 😊 Italians are always into simple but delicious πŸ˜‹ 😊

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