How Do You Pack for a Summer Weekend Getaway?

I don’t know about you but I can definitely feel the difference in terms of pace in the summer vs. the rest of the year. Are you going anywhere this summer? I don’t typically go away during the summer as summers are perfectly beautiful here in Toronto, Canada. Why not enjoy the beautiful weather at home? Having said that, I typically like to travel just before and/or after Labour Day weekend because this is when all the kids have to go back to school. 🙂 It’s still just my husband and I so we do have the luxury of having that time of year as a travel option. When we do have a child and/or children, I am sure my mindset will change. Another factor why we do like to travel around the Labour Day weekend is because that is when we got married. Why not celebrate our wedding anniversary abroad? 🙂

Truth: I used to be one of those individuals who would always have a checked luggage no matter how long or short my trip was. I used to pack so many extra outfits (just in case I changed my mind) and I used to pack up to 9 pairs of shoes. My biggest accomplishment was packing for my 15 day trip to Greece and France with only a carry on. I had different outfits for each day and even was able to pack a nicer outfit for my meal at Le Cinq. I even had room for all the skincare products and a pair of pants I bought in Paris! 😉

Traveling with a carry on is so much better so I am going to try my very best to travel with only a carry on from now on. I can’t guarantee if I can accomplish this when I go to Asia though! 😉

I’m going to be in Washington DC for the weekend for my friend’s pre-wedding celebrations. Having said that, I know that Washington DC is going to be hot, sticky and humid.

My general rule of thumb: For each day of the trip, I aim to prepare one outfit. I am also the type of person where I aim to minimize trips to and from the hotel during the day. Ideally, I’d only like to return to the hotel at night. Depending on the location in which we travel to, I may bend the rules. If it’s a food destination   (i.e. Japan, France, New York, California, Hawaii, Chicago, Hong Kong, etc.), I would ideally like to change before dinner. Generally, I pick out staple pieces and build my outfit around those staple pieces. I may pack one or two extra tops and/or one or two extra bottoms just in case I need an outfit change due to the level I sweat during the day.


As you can see from above, I stick to dresses and/or skirts for a summer getaway. I am definitely not a last minute packer and am very much a planner. Truth: I regularly go with my closet to coordinate outfits so I don’t find myself scrambling at the last minute. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had an outfit creator like the one featured in the movie “Clueless”? When I go shopping, I remember my key favourite staple pieces and try to add a new fresh top and/or bottom for a new twist. For this upcoming trip, I tried to go with the lighter white colour scheme; many individuals would say I wear colour very often but the truth is, I like to stick to colour combinations that work. Black and white and/or anything along that colour scheme (i.e. cool greys) can never go wrong. 😉 What is not pictured here is a pair of black flowy shorts. It will be my back up should the grey skirt get dirty.

What Shoes Do I Pack?

Because I do foresee a lot of walking while travel, here are some shoes I never leave without.


If someone told me they would be updating the style of the sandal made by Mimosa, I would have bought the entire stock in my size. I live in these shoes during the summer. They give me just enough height but continues to provide me comfort. I’m showing you the newer style so that it gives you a good sense of the size of heel on these sandals.

Cole Haan

cole haan

Who else is a fan of Cole Haan Nantucket Loafers? I have a white pair and a navy blue pair. These are my staple shoes for summer. 😉

I find Cole Haan to be such a good brand as it is good quality and it is reasonably priced. If you haven’t tried these loafers, you have to get yourself a pair!!!

Food For Thought: Travel has been shown to be good for mental health and overall wellbeing. Some individuals believe that trips need to be of a certain length; however, the truth is, a weekend trip may be all that you need to get recharged. With that being said, are you an expert packer? Do you spend time regularly going through your closet to build outfits so that you don’t need to scramble last minute? Share your tips and tricks with me. 🙂 



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