Don’t Forget To Use Primer On Your Eyelids & Skin

Ever wonder if you need to use makeup primer?

Everyone’s answer should be: “Yes, I need primer.”


  1. By applying primer, your makeup will last longer.
  2. By applying primer, your uneven skintone may be corrected.
  3. By applying primer, redness may be corrected as a green coloured primer can hide the redness in skin.

Confession: I have oily eyelids. Without eyeshadow primer, my eye makeup is toast!

There are so many primers on the market. My favourite is:

Face: Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer

smashbox primer

Your face feels so good after a thin layer of primer. I have even tried just putting primer on my face without additional foundation and/or product. You get a more polished look. Primer can be your best friend particularly when it comes to hot & humid conditions (i.e. the upcoming summer season).

Eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

urban decay eyeshadow primer


Thank goodness for this little tube of miracle! 🙂 Without this eyeshadow primer, I would never be able to wear eye makeup (eyeshadow and eyeliner included). My eyelids are so oily!!!

Food For Thought: Do you need to consider including a primer in your daily skin routine to enhance the adherence of cosmetic products?



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