Good To Go Keto Bar- My Thoughts

As a Registered Dietitian, I truly believe all foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle but I also recognize each individual is different. Some individuals truly believe being on a ketogenic diet will help them; therefore, from my perspective, I am there to help them do a ketogenic diet in the correct way.

I don’t believe the ketogenic diet is appropriate for everyone as the ketogenic diet was originally designed to treat children who have epilepsy.

There are different types of ketogenic det. The standard ketogenic diet means: 75% of your calories come from fat, 20% of your calories come from protein and 5% of your calories come from carbohydrates. What does this actually mean?

For a standard daily 2000 calorie diet, this means 1500 calories comes from fat (~167 g of fat), 400 calories come from protein (~100 g of protein) and 100 calories come from carbohydrate (~25 grams of carbohydrate).,

Let’s put this into perspective by giving:

  1. A standard avocado contains ~22 grams of fat. This would mean you need to eat ~8  to achieve your 167 grams of fat per day in order to put your body into ketosis (i.e.your body uses fat as the main source of energy).
  2. A teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) contains ~5 grams of fat. To achieve 167 grams of fat per day, you would need to have ~34 teaspoons of EVOO OR 11-12 tablespoons of EVOO to make sure your body stays in ketosis.
  3. Every cup of broccoli contains 4 grams of carbohydrate. Based on the guidelines, you should not have more than 6 cups of broccoli per day to stay within the guidelines to keep your body into ketosis.
  4. A standard piece of bread should be equal to 15 grams of carbohydrate. Are you willing to only have 1 piece of bread per day?
  5. A cup of whole strawberries (1 cup of whole strawberries is not alot) contains ~9 grams of net carbohydrate. Are you willing to limit your serving of strawberries to ~2.5 c to ensure your body is in ketosis?

Are you considering a ketogenic diet? If so, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you looking for a short term fix or a long term fix? Although a ketogenic lifestyle is a lifetime commitment for some, more often, it is a short term fix to achieve goals in a short period of time. From a Registered Dietitian’s perspective, a lifestyle change requires a lifetime commitment.
  2. Are you ready to take some time off of work and/or social life to adjust your eating and/or lifestyle habits for the ketogenic diet? Because the ketogenic diet requires quite a drastic change in diet, it will take some time to adjust.  For your body to adjust from using carbohydrates to fat as its main source of fuel, it will take some time.
  3. Could you eat the amount of fat required to put your body into ketosis? Without following and/or adhering to the guidelines, your body won’t be able to ketosis.

If you are someone who is following the ketogenic diet, have you heard of the Good To Go Keto Bar? Have you seen this product on the shelf? Normally, I’m not a “bar” person but I was pleasantly surprised by this product.

No matter the flavour, the bars are soft and chewy (just like a cookie). I like how there are 6 grams of protein in each bar. It is coconut oil based; therefore, the saturated fat content is higher but remember that the form of saturated fat in coconut oil is medium chain triglycerides. Our bodies are able to absorb medium chain triglycerides very quickly.

good to go bars

Just because each bar only has 160 calories does not mean you can eat two a time. A bar is a good snack given the caloric amount and the protein content. Be aware that if you have more than 10 grams of sugar alcohol per day (i.e. any ingredient with the letters “ol” at the end) may cause gastrointestinal upset. This product does contain Erythritol. I find this bar to be quite satisfying so if you find you are someone who never feels satisfied after a “small” snack, you may want to consider trying this bar.

Food For Thought:  Although you may not be on a ketogenic diet, it does not mean this bar is off limits to you. If you are looking for a different granola bar, the Good To Go Keto Bar may be a good option for you to explore. The caloric amount and protein amount is reflective of a snack size. Try it out and see if you are satisfied.



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