Beyond Meat Burger- Are You a Fan?

Now that Canada Day long weekend has wrapped up, we are gearing up for the 4th of July long weekend. Regardless if you are Canadian or American, summer often goes hand in hand with barbecues. As plant based eating is on the rise, let’s talk about the Beyond Meat Burger because grocery stores can’t keep these little hot cakes on the shelf long enough. People are going CRAZY for them!

Have you Tried a Beyond Meat Burger from A & W or the Beyond Meat Sausage from Tim Horton’s? I have tried both. Truth be told, I initially saw Beyond Meat Burgers at Summerhill Market but that was before the Beyond Meat Burger craze hit.

Both options (i.e. the Beyond Meat Burger from A & W and the Beyond Meat Sausage from Tim Horton’s) both taste good but are they actually healthier for you?

The Truth: The protein source is pea; therefore, the beyond meat burger is a great meat alternative and/or vegan option.  The taste is great! The fat content and calorie content is no different than a regular burger. If you think you could have eaten more volume with a Beyond Meat Burger, think again. You still need to be aware of portion sizes. Because Beyond Meat is still considered a processed food item, beware of the sodium content.

a-w beyond meat burger

Food For Thought: Try The Beyond Meat Burger! See what you think! 🙂 If you are eating Beyond Meat Burgers for a health reason, think again. Due to the fat and calorie content, it’s very similar to eating a regular burger. Evaluate the pros and cons for yourself. If you feel like having a real burger, go ahead! If you want to enjoy something different, try one of the Beyond Meat options. One isn’t necessarily better than the other. Enjoy every bite of whatever you choose (meat vs. meat alternative)! 😉

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