Holiday Shopping 2020

I’ve always been a huge supporter of little boutiques throughout the city. I often get overwhelmed by the choices available in big box stores and end up spending a lot of time browsing but making no purchases. In boutiques, having curated products allow me to save time and find unique things I may not find otherwise.

Throughout this year during the pandemic, I have tried to balance my spending between the local businesses and the online giants. As the holidays are fast approaching, I have made a conscious effort to only spend my dollars at local small business. How are you planning to support small businesses this year? I’m nowhere close to being done with holiday shopping but here’s some of the places I have chosen to support this holiday season:

  1. The Cashmere Shop

I personally have been eyeing the Harriet Gold Foil Sweater in Charcoal for myself (Let’s see if the husband will read this and buy it for me. ;)) but I have been intrigued by the Kids’ Pom Pom Hat where the owner has said that her own daughter wore this hat from being 9 months old to 9 years old.

If you have become a parent, you will understand what I mean by the stuff that comes with such a tiny human being is incredible. This purchase makes me feel good because not only do I support a local business but I also don’t have to worry about purchasing a warm hat for the next 9 years (*fingers crossed*).

2. Ai Toronto Seoul

Living the pandemic life has me yearning for travel. When I came across this brand, it made me reminisce about the time my husband and I went to Seoul. We spent 5 days in Seoul before heading to Bali (our honeymoon destination). I remember fondly of all the skincare and clothing purchases I made in Seoul. We went to Seoul 8 years ago and there are still pieces I currently wear that are purchased from Seoul. 🙂

My mother has been constantly looking for a lightweight everyday bag but has had no luck. I thought a vegan leather bag would be the answer. Let’s hope my mother enjoys using this bag. 🙂

3. Adaline and the Fairies

If you love everything pretty, pink and vintage inspired, check out this website. I absolutely fell in love when I stumbled across this website and could not help myself to buy a vintage Chanel hair bow for me. For those who know me know that I am absolutely obsessed with hair accessories. 🙂 As Baby E grows up, I am sure she will want to play dress up. In anticipation for this, I have ordered her a personalized wand. I’m tempted to buy a cape as well but I’ll wait until she is older. Patience is a virtue. 🙂 I can’t wait to see all of these one of a kind creations in person!!

4. Sniffany and Co

Who else loves this name? 🙂 Pre-covid, it was an annual tradition where my husband and I would go to the Distillery District to check out The Christmas Market. As the market grew in popularity, we found it harder and harder to really enjoy the Christmas Market but it was an annual tradition nonetheless. I remember how friendly the staff was at Sniffany and Co. When I placed the order, I was very impressed at how an actual staff member of the store came and delivered my order. That’s what you call customer service. 🙂

5. Dogfather and Co

What another great name for a store right? I had no idea that ordering a dog birthday required pre planning. Dogfather and Co has always been my go to store for everything Millie related but, once again, this store has come to my rescue as they always have birthday cake in stock.

Food For Thought: What are some of your Go To Small Local Businesses you love to support? 2020 is quickly coming to an end and let’s hope that, with all of our support, many of the small businesses can continue to run in 2021.

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