A Look Back on 2020

Who would have thought Covid 19 basically was the star of 2020. When someone first said “We will meet Everleigh when she’s 18 months.”, I thought that’s a very absurd thought. At that time, I thought we would be be able resume somewhat of a normal life by summer 2020. I was clearly naive and too optimistic.

2020 has been a very exciting year for my immediate and extended family. My parents became grandparents for the first time. My in laws welcomed their 6th grandchild.

Prior to giving birth to Everleigh, countless friends kept forewarning us that having a child will change the dynamics between my husband and I. If I reflect and think of all the positives that have occurred in 2020, here’s the most important lesson I have learned: Through becoming parents during the pandemic, this experience not only brought my husband and I that much closer but it has strengthened our bond.

Here are my other takeaways from 2020:

  1. I joke that I am so done with Zoom or Team calls all the time but these platforms really do make it easier to stay connected with everyone. I may have been on maternity leave for the majority of 2020 but I also refuse to completely remove myself from educating individuals about nutrition. As a result, I still chose to give back to the community whenever I can. I volunteer with a non profit organization to provide monthly nutrition seminars for seniors in the community through Zoom. I am amazed at how fast the seniors are able to adapt to use these online platforms to learn and receive information. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 🙂 Every time I am finished with one of these seminars, I am always so happy to see the reactions on the faces of the participants. They are so grateful and appreciative to have some sort of social interaction. The pandemic certainly has been a tough time for everyone.
  2. I’m thankful for the community I currently live in. Prior to starting maternity leave, I have been told repeatedly that this time can be quite isolating. Perhaps I have my dog to thank but I can’t recall a time during this year where I felt isolated. I also do have to thank my daughter for being an easy going baby from day 1 but I have always made it a point to go out for a stroller walk at least once a day. For the majority of the time, I’d always be able to bump into a familiar face and have a short conversation (all be it from a fair distance) but it was still very nice to be able to chat with someone. I can see why so many individuals decided to get “pandemic puppies” BUT I do also question what the well being of these puppies will be like once the pandemic ends and the majority of people have to go back into offices to work.
  3. I never thought my husband and I would ever need to build a home gym but never say never right? 2020 has proved us wrong. I used to think Kayla Itsines’ BBG workout was great but I have to say I am quite liking the workouts from Madfit. I really do like how there is no equipment needed and they are short and sweet but you really feel the effects of the workout afterwards. I didn’t think we’d join the Peloton club but here we are on our final stretch to receiving our Peloton Plus after a 3 month wait. I seriously cannot wait to jump on there and work out more frequently. 🙂

Food For Thought: Who was part of your quaranteam? What have been some of your surprises or takeaways for 2020?

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