Grocery Haul- How to Achieve Your Daily Fibre Intake

To get great skin, you need lots of fibre in your diet. In last week’s post, I gave you some ideas as to which foods (fruits, vegetables and/or beans) have the highest amount of fibre per serving.

When grocery shopping, many individuals believe that shopping the perimeter is best. While this is true in many cases, there are products in the aisles that are healthy. Let me enlighten you:

For a product to be considered a source of fibre, the product must contain 2 grams of fibre per serving. I try to look for products that have 4 grams or more of fibre per serving. Keep in mind the product should ideally made from whole grains.

What Are Some Of My Favourite High Fibre Products?

Stonemill Bakery Chia & Supergrains Bread

chia supergrains
With 7 grams of fibre in 2 slices of bread, I am definitely satisfied.

Ozery Bakery One Bun

ozery bakery
This is a healthier hamburger bun alternative. Each bun has 4 grams of fibre and it tastes delicious. I like it as a sandwich bun as well. 🙂

Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Flax Bread

ezekiel bread
This product is at a higher price point; however, I find that I only need to eat one of these slices at one time to feel satisfied with a bit of nut butter.

Ezekiel Sprouted Tortilla

sprouted tortilla ezekiel
I wish the mini versions (they exist in the States) would come to Canada. Those are the perfect sizes. I find these wraps taste great and are not high in sodium; however, they are too big for one sitting. Make sure to use half at one sitting.


Every Tablespoon contains 4-5 grams of fibre. Don’t forget to add this to your oatmeal and/or smoothies. You can even add chia to your water to make it more fun to drink. Has anyone seen this brand? Because I’m an advocate for probiotics, why not give yourself a boost of probiotics and fibre at the same time?
  1. PC Blue Menu Ancient Grains and Pumpkin Seeds
At $2.99 a bag,  how can you go wrong with this mixture of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax, chia and hemp? If you get bored of your standard chia, try this mix for a change.
  1. Nature’s Path QIA
At $8.99 a bag, this is essentially the same thing as the PC Blue Menu mix minus the sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and with the flavouring. If you want a good, hearty breakfast but in a calorie controlled manner, this is an option for you.
  1. Ryvita Crackers
For individuals who suffer from mindless eating, this cracker may help you cut down on your cravings. Two crackers give you 4 grams of fibre; the general consensus is with these crackers, you won’t need much more than 2 as it is very hearty. Without some kind of spread (e.g. hummus, cottage cheese, ricotta), the cracker will taste like cardbooard but with some spread, it is absolutely delicious!
  1. Finn Crisp Crackers


What Are Your Favourite High Fibre Items?

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