Get Rid Of Your Shiny Forehead

Do you have a strong dislike to appear shiny in pictures?

What tools do you use to combat this issue?

Here are some my favourite products to help combat the “shiny forehead”

Makeup 4 Ever Mist & Fix Spray

With my daily minimal makeup routine (foundation, eyebrow powder, eyeliner for bottom rim and mascara), I spritz a bit of this to help make sure everything stays in place.


Laura Mercier Pressed Invisible Setting Powder

I love the translucent setting powder by Laura Mercier; however, it’s much easier to carry the pressed version in a purse. This product is such a life saver. 🙂 I find if I am on the go, a little dab of this powder will make oil on the face disappear.

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Powder

I’ve recently fallen in love with this brand. The powder just feels so good. I find the use of this product to be similar to Laura Mercier’s setting powder. A light dusting of this and the oil seems to be under control.

Blotting Paper

I am always amazed at how much oil is on my face after using one of these sheets but again, these are always good to pack in your purse and/or bag for convenience and to always have on hand. You never know when you need to blot some oil away. 😉

Shisheido Blotting Paper

All these options are to be used for someone who would just like to look fresh right before a meeting and/or a get together. If you have oily skin and is affecting your skin (i.e. you have acne), these options will not help you control the oil produced from your glands. You may need a combination of medication, diet and lifestyle changes.


Food For Thought: Do you need to have one of these products in your bag and/or purse at all times?

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