What Do You Use To Wash Your Face?

Some of you may know that I recently went to Greece. Besides the stunning scenery, the amazing olive oil and the delicious wine, I brought back some sea sponges to clean my face.

Do you use a synthetic scrub for your face? Do you use a cleansing system like Clarisonic? In the past, I have used many synthetic scrubs. I have always found that after a while, I need to throw them out as they may have bacterial growth invisible to the eye. I still do use Clarisonic from time to time but after being educated about sea sponges in Greece, I believe this will be a new regular staple in my beauty routine from now on.

Upon first glance, these sea sponges don’t look like much but these sea sponges really are something special. The sponges live in the Aegean sea; they are aquatic animals and are one of the planet’s simplest organisms. They are prized for their delicate exfoliating power gentle enough for daily use. In the end, you are only left with radiant skin.

I am most impressed by the fact that the sponges are able to naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria. As the sponge is extremely resistant against tearing, one sponge can last up to 10 years of use.

As a result, I ended up picking two sponges. I brought a honeycomb sea sponge and a fine silk sea sponge. The honeycomb sea sponge is used during shower time on the body and the fine silk sea sponge is used daily on my face. πŸ™‚ I love it. I regret not bringing more back. The store gave me their card and said they can ship anywhere in the world so I can’t wait to place my next order with them. πŸ™‚

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Would you consider to use a sea sponge? It’s organic, durable and biodegradable. You don’t have to worry about bacterial growth! πŸ™‚ Think of the beautiful skin you will be left with.

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