Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Thanksgiving weekend is the beginning of entertaining season as this part of the year is often filled with lots of excuses to eat good food in good company.

Often times, Thanksgiving is a also a time where individuals express gratitude. My question is why dedicate certain times in the year for everyone to express gratitude? The movement to express gratitude on a daily basis is gaining popularity.

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I truly believe life is always better when you wake up each and every morning knowing that life is good. Lesson: Don’t ever compare yourself with anyone else but you.  As long as you are being the best version of yourself, that’s all that matters.

During this weekend, I hope that everyone gets to spend time with everyone that is near and dear to his/her heart. Don’t let work or excuses get in the way of spending time with loved ones because there is nothing more important than the time spent with your cherished ones.

As I grow older each year, here is what I am grateful for:

  1. The Health of My Family and I
    1. Despite living a healthy lifestyle, my mom is both a survivor of colon cancer and lung cancer so every gathering that I have with my family is extra special.
  2. Quality Time With Your Loved Ones
    1. As everyone grows up, schedules become so busy. Every get together is truly special so cherish every moment. The saying is true: it’s quality over quantity.
  3. For the unexpected acts of love and/or random acts of kindness I receive each and every day


Here’s a throwback to when my husband, Jimmy, and I visited the world’s most iconic symbol of love. There are no words to describe how stunning the Taj Mahal is. When gratitude is present in one’s life, he/she is often more positive and willing to give love to others. These lovely concepts of life are all interconnected. Here’s a gentle reminder to surround yourself only with love every single day.

Food For Thought: What Are You Grateful For?

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