Dairy Free Yogurt That Actually Tastes Good

Are you an individual who is trying to follow a dairy free diet? The reasons for individuals following a dairy free diet can be quite varied as some may be avoiding dairy to improve skin health and others are avoiding dairy due to lactose sensitivity and/or milk protein digestibility issues. Others may simply avoid dairy in his/her diet because he/she does not like the taste of dairy containing products.

Whatever the case may be, I am glad to see there is a wide array of dairy free products on the market. The issue is: how many of these products taste good? I am not an individual who follows a dairy free diet; however, given my curious taste buds and my belief that I must try all products before recommending to clients, I often finding myself bringing some dairy free options home.

Yogurt is a very popular snack option for all. For the individuals who are following a dairy free diet, despite the wide variety of choices on the market, the most common complaint I hear from individuals is that the taste is lacking and/or the taste just does not compare to dairy containing yogurt. I, too, must agree. I’ve tried brands including Yoso, Amande, So Delicious (soy and coconut yogurt) but I can’t bring myself to strongly recommend any of these options as absolutely divine and delicious.

I am happy to say I have now found an option where I am happy to support and strongly recommend as delicious and healthy. Although not widely available in Canada yet, I can always count on Summerhill Market to find the hard to find but delicious options. Say hello to Kite Hill yogurt. 🙂

kite hill 1

I wish they would bring over the Greek styled Almond Based yogurt by Kite Hill as I have yet to find an option on the shelf where there is an equivalent plant based yogurt which offers 11 grams of protein in one serving. I had the pleasure of trying the Greek styled Almond based Yogurt while on vacation in the States recently.  I emphasize “Greek styled” as authentic Greek yogurt does not quite taste like that. 😉

kite hill plain

Food For Thought: Are you an individual who is trying to follow a dairy free diet? Have not found an option that will satisfy your taste buds? Look no further because Kite Hill truly does make some wonderful options.

Have you heard of Summerhill Market? Come to this market for some hard health- conscious options that would not be readily available in other parts of the Greater Toronto Area.

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