When in France, stop by a pharmacy to stock up on your beauty products

When in North America, the pharmacy is the last place I would think to pick up good quality skincare products as individuals often flock to a beauty store like Sephora.

Walk into any pharmacy in Paris and you’ll find plenty of good quality, high end skincare products (e.g. Sisley, Caudalie, Darphin, Filorga, etc.) at a much more reasonable price. Although the pricing is in Euros, the pricing is still much lower even after it is converted back to CAD or USD.

Many individuals predicted I would buy lots of clothing options while in Paris; however, they were wrong! 🙂 The majority of my purchases in Paris included skincare. I don’t know if you have noticed Filorga in Toronto yet but it is available at select locations.  Filorga is available only at certain locations because these products are very expensive. For a day cream and a night cream, I spent over $400 CAD but in Paris, the price tag is much more reasonable. After speaking to an aesthetician in the store, she did not think this brand was appropriate for me as she did not think I needed something as “heavy duty”. I went with her recommendations including plenty of products from Darphin. Because I am a fan of Caudalie, I could not help but stock up on a few of my favourite products but now I am wondering if I should have bought some Filorga products to test it out on my own skin. Other aestheticians have told me that anyone over 25 years old is fair game to use anti-aging products.


Here’s a snapshot of what I brought back from Paris:

  1. Darphin Age Defying Dermabrasion
  2. Darphin Illuminating Oil Gel Cream
  3. Darphin Illuminating Oil Serum
  4. Darphin Hydrating Kiwi Mask
  5. Caudalie Overnight Renewal Cream

If I was to buy all this in Toronto at Sephora, it would have cost me $534.50. I bought all those products for $313 CAD so it’s a saving of 40% for me. 🙂

I really enjoy using Bioderma Sensible H20. Here in Toronto, a bottle of this stuff is considered to be reasonably priced at $19.90 CAD. Did you know you could pick it the same bottle from a pharmacy in Paris for 2 euros?

Are you wondering why I bought serum? It’s not an essential product but if you want to fight signs of aging, it’s better to have this type of product in your routine. Serums are formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients. Serums are particularly easy to absorb as they are typically smaller molecules. Serums are meant to be used after cleansing but you will need to put on some moisturizer afterwards. Serums do moisturize the skin to a certain extent, especially if it contains hyaluronic acid, but the moisture level is not high enough in serums to create the barrier to lock the nutrients in the skin.


Food For Thought: When you go to Paris, make sure you stop by a local pharmacy to stock up on good quality skincare products at very reasonable prices.

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