Fresh Start- Why Not Try Beloved Zoodles?

Happy 2019!!! Wishing everyone the very best in 2019. Over the holidays, I am sure we all had many good meals but the truth is, vegetables may not have been top priority. Other dishes were definitely the star. With 365 new days, there’s 365 new changes that can occur. Let’s start by reincorporating vegetables into our diet. I know many individuals who prefer warm foods over the winter given the frigid conditions in Toronto, Canada but this zoodle salad can be served at room temperature.

I know many individuals have tried zucchini noodles or “zoodles” as they are affectionately called but have you tried this combination?

If you don’t have a spiralizer, you should get one because you can spiralize other vegetables as well. It gives you a great arm workout.

The Easiest Zoodle Salad Ever!!!

zoodle salad

Approximate Proportions (for 2 people):

Spiralize 1 zucchini per person (2 zucchinis in total)

Chop up 1/2 box of Axiany Tomatoes (best tomatoes EVER!!!) per person.

Add 1/4 c Unseasoned Rice Wine Vinegar (you can add more if necessary)

Salt & Pepper to Taste

That’s the recipe! 🙂 How simple is that? Add 1/2 c of chickpeas, a chicken breast or a piece of baked salmon for a complete meal. 

You might find the concept of eating raw zucchini weird; however, with the zucchini marinated in rice wine vinegar, you won’t even know that it is raw. It truly is one of my favourite go to salads to make not only is it simple to make but it requires so few ingredients and it tastes delicious!!!! It’s a win win situation no matter how you like at it.

Food For Thought: What flavour combinations do you like with spiralized vegetables?

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