Don’t Forget A Serving of Prunes Per Day

A New Year may trigger some individuals to create New Year’s Resolutions. Others may continue on a lifelong journey of continuing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle often include a high daily intake of fibre. A daily high fibre intake can lead to better digestion. As it is #skincaresunday, a better digestion can help to lead to healthy skin.

To help jumpstart your increase in daily fibre intake, why not consider 5 prunes (40 grams OR 1 serving) per day? The initial thought of prunes for many individuals does not bring pleasant images. Most individuals consider prunes only as a mean to help him/her become regular. Not only do I personally love the taste of prunes but prunes can offer so much more than aid for bowel movement regularity.

What is in one serving of prunes?

Calories: 100 kcals

Fat: 0 grams

Carbohydrate: 26 grams

Fibre: 3 grams

Sugar: 15 grams

Sodium: 9 mg

Protein: 1 gram

What you may not realize about prunes is that by eating 5 prunes a day, you can boost Vitamin K and manganese intake. By boosting the intake of Vitamin K and Manganese, rate of bone loss can slow down in postmenopausal women.

Because 5 prunes contain 3 grams of fibre, this snack choice is considered a source o fibre. Prunes promote satiety which means you will be reaching for less snacky type foods in between meals.

Some individuals may argue that prunes are dried fruit; therefore, it contains alot of sugar. For those who have blood sugar issues, you may have heard of glycemic index and glycemic load.

Glycemic index measures how a certain food affects the blood sugar levels using white sugar (i.e. glucose) as the standard. Glycemic load, on the other hand, measures the effect of  a serving of a specific food  (e.g. 2 cups of fresh strawberries, 5 prunes) has on blood sugar levels.

I have great news to share as prunes are considered both a low Glycemic Index food and a low Glycemic Load food.



Food For Thought: What Have You Got To Lose? Will you be willing to eat 5 prunes of day for the various benefits listed above?

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