Warm Up with a Warm Cup of Caffeine- Free Tea

Who else is in disbelief at how the temperatures have recently dropped? I am always amazed at how our  bodies continue to function in the midst of frigid conditions. It’s incredible at how our bodies adapt to conditions which are even colder than our freezers at home.

During frigid conditions, we may  be gravitated towards having a few more cups of steaming hot beverages. Beverage of choices may be hot chocolate, apple cider, coffee and/or tea. With the exception of apple cider, coffee/tea/hot chocolate all contain caffeine. Although 2 cups of 8 oz. caffeinated beverages are allowed per day, we must remember not to overdo caffeine. Not only are there health concerns if someone has a little too much caffeine but your skin will suffer. Caffeine dehydrates the skin which can result in inflammation (i.e. redness) of the skin as well as premature aging (i.e. collagen loss).

I am all for warm beverages but make the switch to caffeine-free beverages after you’ve had your 2 eight ounce caffeinated beverages throughout the day. What is your favourite caffeine-free beverage?

My favourites include:

  1. Mint Tea

Have you ever had Mint Tea from Aroma? It’s literally just hot water with mint leaves in. It’s the best tasting tea ever!!! I like this option the best because you know exactly what goes in there without any additives. Try this at home. 🙂

aroma mint tea

2. David’s Banana Nut Tea

If you are a fan of banana bread, you will not be disappointed with this tea choice. What I love about this tea is that it is completely edible. There is nothing wrong with eating the dried banana chips, nuts, raisins, dates, spices and vanilla extract used as part of the tea blend.


3. David’s Forever Nuts Tea

How can you go wrong with this option? This is the tea that started my love for David’s Tea. With little bits of almond slices, sweet apple bits and cinnamon bark, the flavour is just perfection. The tea turns a pink colour so what more can you ask for? 🙂



Food For Thought: We all need to warm up during winter time. What is your beverage of choice? Do you need to cut down on your caffeine intake to help better your skin health?

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