Do You Declutter Your Kitchen?

February has just begun. Whether you celebrated the traditional New Year (January 1st) or Lunar New Year (February 5th), February is a good month to check in how your health goals are doing. Are you on track?  Some of us may have fallen off the bandwagon due to recent family gatherings and/or meals; however, that’s okay. Pick yourself back up and get back on track. Remember that the health goals you set for yourself are goals to help you make a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change means you are going to keep this change for a while! 😉

Sometimes to eat better, it’s not about the food we put in our mouths; however, it may be related to how our kitchen and/or space is set up. Could your kitchen be set up in a more efficient way? Are there items you don’t need anymore? Does your kitchen need additional organizational items so that you remember what you have? When you do remember what you have, you won’t have to buy duplicates of anything! 😉

Speaking of organizing the kitchen, don’t forget about your pantry. I don’t have a large pantry but I am definitely guilty of forgetting about some food products I have bought. Full disclosure: my husband is better at cleaning out the pantry and fridge. He is very conscientious about food safety and is very concerned with food freshness.

When it comes to items in your pantry, how many of you throw out things because it’s past its best before date? Did you know that a best before date doesn’t mean it’s an expiry date? A best before date indicates that this product is in its optimal state before a certain date; however, once it is past this date, it does not mean that this product is automatically spoiled. Use your senses (eyes, nose and taste) to determine if a product is still edible or not.


Food For Thought: Would your kitchen benefit from a good declutter session?  This post is definitely inspired by watching one episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. If you believe that you can gain better eating habits from reorganizing your kitchen, what are you waiting for?



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