How Often Do You Go MakeUp Free?

Sometimes, the  best advice for good skin is to keep it simple. What do I mean by this? Keep your skin free of makeup and other skin products. Do you regularly give your skin a break to lessen the chance of your skin pores becoming clogged? Whether it is sweat, grime (i.e. pollution), skincare and/or makeup, when applied wrongfully, there is a chance of your skin pores become clogged.

How many of us like to have a lazy Sunday? When I do get a Sunday where I can do what I want when I want, I cherish it because I am guilty of packing too much in on a weekend.

It doesn’t have to be a Sunday but when you get an opportunity to stay at home, try your very best to keep your face makeup free. If you happen to get home early, the first you should do is to go wash your face to lessen your chance of having your skin pores becoming clogged. I’ve definitely had friends and family come over when I have gone makeup and/or product free. It’s definitely a nice feeling when you can be completely yourself around your friends and/or family. You don’t need to be all done up all the time. 😉

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Food For Thought: How often do you let your skin go product free and/or make up free? Could you benefit from incorporating a “makeup free” day in your weekly skincare routine?

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