Do You Remember to Take Your Vitamin D Everyday?

I hope everyone transitioned smoothly after we all had to spring forward an hour (i.e. lose an hour of sleep). The trade off is worth it though because one more hour of sunshine means more opportunity to get some Vitamin D.

Let’s face it though; we live in Canada. Unfortunately, our winters are long; our opportunity to get enough Vitamin D everyday naturally is low.

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Many individuals are aware of the recommendation to take 1000 IU of Vitamin D per day; however, did you know you can take up to 2000 IU of Vitamin D per day during the winter time?

To ensure you get optimal Vitamin D exposure, it would be recommended to expose your skin to the sun for 30 minutes without any sunscreen between the hours of 11 AM- 3 PM. Afterwards, apply sunscreen. It is particularly important for individuals who have darker shades of skin because these individuals aren’t able to synthesize Vitamin D as well.

If you are wary about starting any supplementation and/or don’t feel it is necessary to increase your Vitamin D dosage, check your blood levels for Vitamin D. This is typically a test not covered by OHIP; the cost is $30 (I know because I do this regularly).

If you are low (e.g. I am very low in Vitamin D as I only have 18 ng/mL), you may need more than 2000 IU of Vitamin D/day to help boost your levels. I currently do take 5000 IU/day to make sure I can get my levels back up to the normal range. I am not opposed to being the sun but between work and life, I don’t find I get enough time in the sun.

As the weather gets better, I look forward to running outside again but now that we have Millie (the dog), I do foresee more time outside; therefore, I’m hoping to get more Vitamin D naturally in this coming year.

Why is Vitamin D important?

  1. Helps to build strong bones and teeth
  2. Helps with immune system
  3. Helps with mood
  4. Helps with cardiovascular health
  5. May help protect against certain types of cancer


Not a fan of pills? Don’t worry. I’m not a huge fan of them either. This is why I take my trusty D drops.

vitamin d


This is the brand I take regularly; however, I’ve tried many other brands but I have a preference for this one.

Food For Thought: Do you remember to take your Vitamin D every day? How much Vitamin D do you take per day? Do you need to take a blood test to find out if you need to take more Vitamin D? Which form of Vitamin D do you like to take- pill form or liquid form?


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