Good Food For the Win

My husband and I recently jumped on the bandwagon to try meal kits. After trying out HelloFresh, I decided to try out GoodFood as I had heard good things about this Canadian company.

Goodfood did not disappoint! I was most excited to try the curried haddock with carrot rice pilaf and celery salad. It was so delicious!!!!


Here are some differences I noticed between HelloFresh and GoodFood:

  1. The ingredients used by GoodFood seem to be a little bit more adventurous (e.g. instead of using avocado and tomato for salsa, they decided to give tomatillos to make a salsa verde).
  2. GoodFood gives a better portion of vegetables.
    1. Half your plate truly can be vegetables. šŸ™‚
  3. GoodFood also gives you a nice variety of vegetables.
    1. In a week of 3 meals, HelloFresh would give you 2 sides of green beans. For the other meal, it would be either a choice between potato/sweet potato or butternut squash I have seen HelloFresh use zucchini and tomato; however, the amount given is very minimal.
    2. With GoodFood, you can really eat the colour of the rainbow at each meal given the variety of vegetables.


Food For Thought: Our lives get busy. It’s okay to get some help with meal prep. šŸ˜‰ Don’t feel guilty. I’m now tempted to try out Chef’s Plate to do a full comparison but so far, my vote goes towards GoodFood. Why not support a fellow Canadian business? šŸ™‚




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