Don’t Forget Your Hat When Having Fun in the Sun

Summer, is that you? I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am about the beautiful weather! It has been far too long!

bloom blooming country countryside

As always, I’m going to gently remind everyone to remember to put on their SPF (i.e. sunblock). Recently, I thought I had all my exposed areas covered; however, after a brief walk, I came back only to found a burn on one side of my neck! Apply SPF generously. I’m also going to remind everyone to wear sunglasses. Protect that delicate area around your eyes as much as possible if you want don’t want to see crow’s feet! 😉

As nice as it is too feel the sun on your face, it may be a good idea to provide extra coverage for your skin (especially if you plan to be outdoors for an extended period of time) through a fashionable item such as a hat. Are you a hat person? There are so many different styles of hats out there. I am sure you can find one that is suitable for you.


Here are some of my hat options. I had to include the Raptors cap as it is such an exciting time not only for Toronto but for Canada. The whole nation is behind the Raptors. Go Raps go! 🙂  When off on a run or playing tennis, you can be sure I am wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses.  My husband laughs at me all the time because he does not believe the rays are damaging enough at 7 or 7:30 PM but I don’t care, I want to be are than sorry. If I am on a hike on a trail, I may also be wearing a baseball cap; however, I may opt for the foldable visor as the visor offers more coverage. It’s also more versatile and won’t mess with my hairstyle should we decide to do other activities during the day.

See the wide brimmed hat? I lugged it on an ~12 hour flight to Maui. 😉 I bought the small brimmed hat in Maui but have used it on day trips where more fashionable attire is required (i.e. Prince Edward County or Niagara on The Lake).

Even when travelling light to Europe (e.g. Greece & the South of France) with one carry one suitcase for each person, I always make it a priority to bring a wide brimmed hat.  A bad sunburn can ruin the trip so I’m not going to take that risk! My husband is convinced he looks bad in hats. When in Europe, you know how much walking can be involved and when the weather is quite summer like, sunblock needs to be reapplied quite often. You better believe how militant I was when it came down to reapplication for sunblock for both my husband and I! 😉

Not convinced to wear a hat at all times but still would like to protect your skin from UV damage? Here’s an idea where my mom and my relatives in Asia follow religiously: bring out that umbrella! 🙂 Don’t laugh as I see more and more non-Asian individuals use this technique. After all, if it is beautiful skin you are after, who is going to have the last laugh (the person who uses the umbrella or the person who does not)?

umbrellas art flying


Food For Thought: Are you a hat person? For wrinkle prevention, would you consider to wear hats more often OR would you consider using an umbrella on a nice sunny day?

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