Have You Tried Innisfree?

I know I have not been blogging for a long time but I finally pulled myself together. I have definitely a new found respect for bloggers who blog full  time. It’s not always easy to find daily inspirations for posts. I want to make sure that the posts I do are genuine and truly represent something I believe in.

As much as a I despise going to Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, ON, I did sneak in a visit to the newly opened Innisfree store soon after it opened its first store in Toronto.

I do believe Korean skincare products are well suited for the general public. I was very excited to try some of the products from the Green Tea line. Let’s go through a bit of the history from the Innisfree brand. Because products from the Innisfree brand is made from Jeju Island, this brand promises that its products are natural, eco-friendly and are of a good quality but as reasonable prices. All products are from Jeju Island. I’ve been to Seoul but Jeju Island is definitely on my “To Visit List”.

How cute is this packaging? To be able to try 4 Green Tea Seed Bestseller products at $35 is a great deal.

Innisfree 2

Need I remind you that Toronto, ON experienced our first major snowstorm of the season. It honestly came too soon. My husband and I definitely were not prepared as we both have yet to get our winter tires on. By the time we got on the phone to make an appointment, we both have to wait until next Thursday to be fully ready for winter.

Why is this piece of information relevant when discussing skincare? Although it’s technically still fall, it definitely is starting to feel like winter. With that being said, the skin needs an extra level of hydration to keep the skin healthy and happy.

Innisfree 3

Do I have any complaints of any products within this trial package? No! 🙂

I really do love how my skin feels after the use of each product be it the hydrating cleaning foam, intensive hydrating serum, intensive hydrating cream with green tea seed and/or the intensive hydrating eye cream with green tea seed. The feeling is not greasy and the smell of the product is not overpowering.

Food For Thought: Individuals always think skincare moves into a category when you’ve reached your mid 30s. If you’ve been proactive all along, you don’t need to change your basic skincare products all that much. The truth is I’m 33 for a few more weeks before I officially turn 34. I know that Innisfree is meant to be a line for younger skin but based on my own situation, I would highly recommend this line for anyone in my age. If you are my age and looking for a more intensive wrinkle prevention type treatment, there are other products more suitable for the purpose. If you have collagen rich skin and want a nice, non-greasy, clean hydration option at a very reasonable price point, Innisfree Green Tea Seed line is worth checking out. What are you waiting for?

Innisfree 1


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