What Do You Use to Wash Your Face?

Did you know healthy skin should sit at a pH of 4-5.6? Healthy skin is naturally acidic in nature.

By keeping your skin acidic, the skin will maintain a strong acid mantle (aka your skin’s barrier made of sebum) and have the ability to stop growth of bacteria.

It is best for you to use an acidic cleanser as these products will be gentle and not remove too much oil from your face.

It is ideal to keep your skin acidic as your acid mantle will continue to be strong. Depending on what you cleanser you choose, there is a chance where you can disrupt the acid mantle. If you use a high pH cleanser, your skin becomes more alkaline.

Alkaline skin is more prone to irritation, dryness, flakiness and pimples. You want to prevent breakouts as much as possible right? Let’s pay attention to the pH of our cleansers now.

What I have used and really enjoyed:

Bioderma Sensible H20

The packaging is unappealing; however, this is a product that really works. It is able to remove waterproof make up very well. I was pleasantly surprised.  This product is priced very reasonably as it normally is priced at $25 per 500 mL bottle. Shoppers Drug Mart often does fun promotions and sometimes, you can get two of these bottles for $29.90. You can’t go wrong.



You only need to use a dime’s worth of this cleanser at one time. It is soap free and it feels really good on your skin. This cleanser does not over dry your skin but it does remove impurities effectively while keeping the pH of your skin intact.


Cle De Peau Softening Foam Cleanser

Priced at $82, it is a pricier cleanser; however, you don’t need alot at one time. You need less than a dime’s worth of this cleanser as it does foam up. It really foams up as you add water to cleanser. This cleanser has a really nice light scent (a mix of rose and orchid) and you can definitely feel the tingle when applied on your skin.


I would say the biggest difference between Dermalogica and Cle De Peau is the scent. When you feel like you want to treat yourself, use Cle De Peau but Dermatologica is a good everyday cleanser. Bioderma is a great option for those who are more budget conscious.

If you are really curious about the pH of your cleanser, you can always do a test at home. Buy some pH paper (e.g. from Whole Foods Market) and squeeze a little of your cleanser out. Stick a piece of pH paper and see what pH level it has. You may be surprised. 😉

Food For Thought:

  1. What cleanser do you find effective in keeping your skin clear and/or prevent breakout?
  2. Do you need to check the pH level of your cleanser?
  3. Do you need to switch to a more alkaline cleanser?

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