Moisturizers For Your Skin During Summer Time

Summer is definitely in full swing. Because summer is hot, we tend to look for lighter formulations to avoid feeling greasy. Let’s start the discussion off the the moisturizers I like to use frequently.

I know many individuals swear by a day cream and night cream; however based on personal experience, I have not always found the need to use two separate products during summer time. Typically,  day creams are lighter and contain suncreen. Night creams generally have a higher percentage of anti-aging ingredients (e.g. retinol–> to plump skin and glycolic acid–> to polish skin) in addition to be richer in texture as they have emollients to have repair the skin’s moisture barrier.

Because I am an avid sunscreen user, I find that my current routine suits my lifestyle. I generally like light and non-greasy formulations to keep my skin happy.

Here are my top picks:

Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel Oil Free

I love this product as it keeps my skin well hydrated without feeling greasy. This gel absorbs very quickly and it feels SO good. In general, I find the Amore Pacific brand to have great products.

The 24-hour time-released formula includes bamboo sap to reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin density. Ginger root extract and nine essential amino acids revitalize skin and reveal a radiant complexion.

amore pacific

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light

For the price you pay for this cream, I think you are getting quite a deal. This cream also leaves my skin feeling well hydrated and not greasy. This formulation absorbs quickly. This cream also smells wonderful BUT I do find Amore Pacific’s formulation a bit better smelling. It’s just personal preference but I feel like this is equally just as good an option.

Recently, I have found that my skin is a bit dehydrated. It’s ironic isn’t it given that it is summer? It may be because I have been using sunscreen more often and am exfoliating more than usual. Therefore, I decided to pick up the night cream as well. As mentioned above, night creams tend to be richer as the purpose of the cream is to help repair the skin and/or renourish the skin.



I personally find this is an ultra light formulation. If you are someone, like myself, who likes to layer on the sunscreen and foundation afterwards, this may be the answer for you. Overall, I find this product to keep my skin well moisturized and keep the wrinkles at bay. Because this brand does contain algae, I find that that this product does has a distinct smell. It’s not a bad smell; however, the fragrance of Amore Pacific is just so lovely. 🙂 This brand is a vegan and cruelty-free brand.


What Do You Like To Use to Moisturize Your Face During the Summer Time?

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