Do You Use Masks Regularly?

It is always such a debate between individuals who use masks regularly vs. individuals who don’t incorporate masks into his/her usual routine. For individuals who don’t incorporate masks into his/her usual routine, it may be because he/she feels like they don’t have time or they feel like they have great skin already.

Why Do I Use Masks?

I would love to be able to do a mask weekly; however, I don’t find I have the time. I use masks when I feel like my skin is dehydrated and a bit dull; I do find that once I use a mask, I do see results overnight. When my combination skin acts up and I do have a breakout, I do find that I use purifying masks to help remedy the situation.

For me, when I do a mask for myself, it forces me to have some downtime. I rarely have “me” time so it feels really good when I get to focus on myself for 15-20 minutes thinking of nothing else but relaxation.

What Masks Do I Like?

Celderma Marine Collagen Hydrogel Mask


I recently had a friend from Korea visit me. She recommended I start using this brand. I’m used to masks being one sheet and you put it over your face and smooth it out. I found this mask to be very nourishing and hyydrating but it was a bit difficult to put on as it comes in two pieces. It does end up being a better fit but it is tricky to put on at first. What’s not to like if a mask contains a good amount of collagen. 😉

collagen mask
See how it’s not as easy to put on? The mask comes in two pieces and it takes a few try before you align the two pieces together the best you can.

Each box comes with 3 masks so I’m very lucky that my friend brought me a few boxes. I’m on my last collagen mask but thanks to Amazon, I can get it easily delivered to my house with very little hassle.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

CT packaging

Have you heard of a dry mask? I found this concept very intriguing so I could not leave the store without trying it.

I have to say it’s very interesting. You clean your face first and you put the mask on your face. It is completely dry but the interesting thing about this mask is that there are loops for you to hook onto your ear so it is a very snug fit. If you have a wider face, this mask may not be for you. As you loop both parts onto your ears, you will massage your face continously to activate the ingredients. You leave this mask on for 15 minutes.

Once 15 minutes is up, you can remove it. This same mask can be used for an additional 2 times.

The technology that is contained within this mask is designed to last up to 8 hours after it has been absorbed by your skin. This technology allows the skin to get exactly what it needs. Because I felt that my skin was a bit dehydrated, I decided to give this a try. I do admit that this morning, I noticed my skin was more even and better hydrated.

I think this is the perfect mask for the busy individual who doesn’t want to deal with the mess of a regular mask where it is comprised mostly of water and glycerin. 🙂

Charlotte T
Please excuse the messy hair. It’s definitely a different kind of mask but this is a perfect mask for the busy on-the-go individual. Case & point. 😉

Sisley Deeply Purifying Mask with Tropical Resins

If you haven’t gotten acquainted with the Sisley brand, you need to because I think they make outstanding masks.

If you ever run into stubborn breakouts and/or breakouts you can’t explain, the Sisley Deeply Purifying Mask with Tropical Resins can help. I find this mask is pretty gentle given that this product is very result-driven (the Sisley Brand does not mess around).

Give this mask a try if you are frustrated with other options who claim to help get rid of breakouts.



Food For Thought: Will you use masks more regularly now knowing that it could potentially give you more “me time” and give you the glowing and beautiful skin you are hoping for and/or to maintain?

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