Meditation-Do You Do This Often Enough?

Stress can have a huge impact on skin health. Stress can stem from many sources but the most common sources include: finances, personal relationships (i.e. with self and/or with others) and work. I’m the type of individual who loves to stay busy so I’m constantly doing something.  I like to wear different “hats” so that I don’t ever get bored. Like many others, I often find myself having no “me time”. My most common source of stress is time related as I constantly feel there is alot on my plate and yet, there is not enough time.  It is extremely challenging for me to find balance between work and life. How do I fit everything in? How do I relieve stress?

To help relieve stress, I run. It feels so good!!! I also do pilates as I prefer pilates over yoga. If I do yoga, I prefer hot yoga over regular yoga. I’ve never tried meditation but when my friend opened up her beautiful space (Hoame) in downtown Toronto, I had to check it out.

Pictured above is the light room. I participated in my first meditation class mixed with a little reiki in this space. As you lay down on your mat, you are encouraged to get cozy as a blanket is provided for each person. I completed the session with my eyes closed. The instructor, Tara, is phenomenal as she really makes the environment warm and welcoming. As the guided session starts, it’s interesting at how aware you can become of your own breathing and/or body once you let the buzzing in your head stop. The reiki master comes around to each participant and will touch you to transfer energy. The reiki master does not necessarily have to touch you as the energy can be transferred from afar. The benefits of the positive energy can be still transferred among all participants as there are vibrations of positive energy in the room. After the 30 minute session is up, I really did feel more present in my body. I also felt more relaxed.

I’ve never done a Tarot card reading or Angel Card reading but the instructor, Tara, included Angel Card reading as part of the session. We were told to think of a question we would like answered. After we had a question in mind, we went up to pick out two Angel cards. I picked out two cards and it was incredible at how accurate the descriptions were not only to my personal character but also pertinent to the question I had in mind. I picked out the Angel of Sensitivity and the Angel of Truth & Integrity. These are characteristics I strongly I identify with but when applied to the question I had in mind, these are qualities that are relevant as well.


I really can’t decide whether I like the meditation class in the dark room better or the light room better because although both are sessions hoping to achieve the same outcome, they are very different but equally amazing.  In the dark room, you look up and see the stars. As the instructor, Fernanda, guided us through the session, it is incredible to feel your body let go of stress. After finishing another 30 minutes, you really do feel ready for bed as you feel very relaxed and in a good place.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the salt cave.  Where else in the city can you hang out with over 6 tons of Himalayan Pink Salt? With noise cancellation headphones providing soothing music, you really can escape the city  and relax in this tranquil and unique space.


The philosophy of Hoame is simple. It is a space created to hep individuals feel relaxed, restored and rejuvenated. I certainly felt relaxed, restored and rejuvenated after going through all the different rooms. I have yet to check out the private infrared sauna so I’ll be back. 🙂 You have to go and experience it for yourself to become a believer.

Food For Thought: Do you meditate regularly? Would you consider to start meditation if it a means for you to release some stress?


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