Don’t Forget To Moisturize During Winter

Happy first weekend of December! As wonderful as this time of year is, there is no doubt winter is upon us. Our skin routine definitely needs a little bit of help to en sure our skin is well moisturized.

In the summertime, I highlighted a few water-based moisturizers. During the winter time, I find I gravitate towards cream based creams. A particular favourite of mine is the Caudalie Renewal Night Cream.

The Caudalie Vinoperfect line contains a patented ingredient known as Viniferine. Viniferine can be obtained through the grapevine sap. It is extremely effective in improving your skin’s radiance and/or improving the appearance of dark spots.

Read more about Viniferine here:

Make sure to put serum on your face first to help seal in the moisture. Apply the appropriate amount of Caudalie Renewal Night Cream to your face.

caudalie vinoperfect

Why Do I Love This Cream? I love how  the moisturizer has a thick texture but it leaves your skin feeling non-greasy. The moisturizer absorbs quickly. Your skin will feel so soft and supple the following morning.

Your skin will thank you! 🙂

Food For  Thought: Does your skincare routine in winter change? What is your go to winter moisturizer?


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