Another 100 Kcal Snack Option To Consider…

Are you a snacker? As a Registered Dietitian (RD), I don’t always encourage snacking. Snacking depends on your lifestyle. If your 3 meals per day is spaced 4-6 hours apart, there may not be a need for a snack. If you happen to be more of a grazer and don’t really have meals throughout the day, here is a newer 100 calorie (kcal) option on the market.

Again, normally, I would not be recommending a lot of the 100 kcal snacks as you don’t feel satisfied after eating a portion. You often resort to eating 2 or 3 portions of the 100 kcal snack; however, if you look at typical 100 kcal portions, they are mostly carbohydrate. If the carbohydrate content is not used, the excess carbohydrate will turn into fat.  This 100 kcal option is different! 😉

Are you a fan of KIND bars? In your mind, you are probably wondering why a Registered Dietitian is recommending a granola bar. As a RD, I strive to make realistic recommendations. I don’t think granola bars are the best option for snack; however, I do see a place and time for KIND bars. KIND bars are great to pack when you are on the go. It’s great to have an option like KIND bars to have as an emergency snack. I like how KIND bars put nuts as the first ingredients. For the amount of calories (200 kcals) per bar, there is a decent amount of fibre (6 g), the sugar content is not very high (certain bars only have 5 grams of sugar/bar) and the protein content is higher than the typical granola bar (~5 g).

I know some individuals are very calorie conscious OR they are craving an afternoon snack just out of habit. Individuals could bring a fruit with a piece of cheese or vegetable sticks with some dip; however, there will be times when you crave something sweet. Say hello to the mini KIND bars. Each mini bar contains 100 kcals but also does contain a good amount of fibre and a good amount of protein with a relatively low amount of sugar.


The Best News? KIND bars are absolutely delicious!!!

Food For Thought:  What are you having for snack choices? Is there room to make improvements in your snack choices? Why not give the mini KIND bars a try? 


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