What’s the Difference Between BB Cream & CC Cream?

I have done a post earlier on BB cream. As a person who does not need as much coverage as foundation offers, I found BB cream is a wonderful option. What happens if someone needs coverage somewhere between what a foundation can offer and what a BB cream offer? Say hello to CC cream! 🙂

With SPF 30 in the Smashbox CC cream, it is also a multi-purpose product where it can help save time in your morning routine. Who wouldn’t like extra time in the morning to relish and/or savour?

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CC cream typically would be more effective in covering dark spots and/or blemishes as well as dark circles. I find CC cream to be more moisturizing than BB cream; therefore, if you feel like your skin during this period of time (i.e. the transition from winter to spring) needs a little bit more moisturize to adjust to the changing conditions, give CC cream. If you consider yourself sleep deprived for whatever reason (i.e. new mom and/or busy of a toddler and/or busy mom of multiple grown children) and has dark circles under your eyes but has no time in the morning to have a beauty routine, consider using CC cream. It can hide them better. 🙂 You will look alot more awake! 🙂 If you are someone who has acne scars and/or blemish marks and/or redness in your skin but  want minimal coverage for your skin, try CC cream out! The nice thing about CC cream is that although it provides more coverage than BB cream, it is still less coverage than a foundation which means you still look very natural.

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Food For Thought: Have you tried BB and CC creams before? Which do you prefer or are you like me and use both depending on the situation?


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