What Deodorant Do You Use?

As the warm weather is upon us, the dilemma of how to avoid getting too smelly is always present. How do we pick?

As we become more concerned about ingredients being used in our cosmetic products, I have ventured to using more natural options for deodorant.

Have you heard of the company called Consonant Skincare? It’s a little shop near Yonge/Eglinton. I walked in there as a friend told me she likes their products. I walked out with a few of their products and one of the products happened to be…

Consonant Dealkalizing Deodorant 


This product is formulated to bring the pH of your skin to 4.5-5 to help prevent body odour for 24 hours. Research shows that odour-causing bacteria loves to flourish in alkaline areas so having your skin at a pH of 4.5-5 will help to prevent growth of odour-causing bacteria.

Ingredient such as bentonite clay and arrow root powder absorb moisture. Cocoa butter is present to help even skin tone and hydrate.

I like the Consonant Dealkalizing Deodorant as it glides on clear on the skin and has no scent. It doesn’t leave a mark on your clothes.

Keep in mind: This is a deodorant; therefore, this means that it helps to prevent odour but it does not prevent you from sweating. Antiperspirants will prevent you from sweating; however, antiperspirants are not recommended.

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes

I got this product as part of a goodie bag.

I thought this was cute packaging and was a good idea as you can always throw it in your bag as you never know when you need some odour control given the hot weather we’ve been experiencing. I put the product to test when I recently went out for a 2 hour walk in the beautiful weather. I came back and felt the underarm area could use some freshening up. The towelette is very moist and had a nice scent. It did the job. 🙂 I’ll definitely have this product when I’m on the go and need to freshen up a bit. Other scents are also available from this brand.


What Do You Use to Prevent Unwanted Body Odour?

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