Have You Used Lactic Acid?

Would you like brighter and younger looking skin? Incorporate lactic acid into your once or twice in your weekly skincare routine.

Lactic acid is an acid naturally found in foods. For our skin, it’s a very gentle acid where it can work to dissolve the structure of dead skin cells without causing irritation.

As the dull, dead skin is being broken down, new cell growth is promoted in the epidermis. As a result, you have plumper and younger looking skin. As your epidermis improves, your skin barrier is in better shape; therefore, more water is retained in your skin.  As more water is retained in your skin, the look of fine lines diminishes.

Not only will your skin look younger and brighter but your skin can also improve if you have pigmentation issues by using lactic acid.

Although lactic acid is gentle, it still should not be used daily. Too much lactic acid on your skin can cause irritation.

How often should you use lactic acid? Use Lactic Acid a maximum of twice per week. Choose products that have less than 10% lactic acid to ensure that it is gentle enough for your skin.

What Lactic Acid Product Do I Like? Say Hello to Sunday Riley’s Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment. I do one pump once or twice per week before I put on my usual daily face products in the evening.  Sunday Riley’s Good Genes All-In- One Lactic Acid Treatment does not just contain lactic acid but it contains a blend of other ingredients which will truly leave you with younger, glowing skin.


Food For Thought: Have you considered to use lactic acid to help you obtain younger and brighter skin? Give Sunday Riley’s Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment a try. Remember to not use too often. You only need to use it once or twice a week.


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